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Million Dollar View

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I have to admit that when my wife emailed me from Scotland last month and told me that Dan had a million dollar view, I was skeptical. I asked the boy to take a photo from his room window and lo and behold, it truly is breathtaking. Looking at the North Sea, he can see the Old Course and the West Sands (beach scene in Chariots of Fire filmed here). His room in McIntosh Hall is just high enough to look over the buildings that separate him from the course and the sea. The road on the right leads to the clubhouse of the Royal and Ancient golf club (one block on the left) along with the 1st tee and 18th green of the Old Course. The West Sands are straight ahead and the rest of the Old Course is the greenery to the far left. For a golfer like my son, this has got to be heaven.


Funny signs I forgot I had

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Gotta love it! My brother Paul lives in San Francisco and it was a visit to see him in 2005 that provided me with a lot of my funny signs. He sent me this sign this past summer and I am just getting around to posting it. It makes me smile to know that my brother and I find the same things humorous. He found this at an entrance to a San Francisco parking garage. The road sign is in St Andrews, Scotland where Dan is now a fresher. I snapped this in late 2007. Do the Scots see the humor in this or is it just juvenile Americans like me? The warning not to attack the bus driver was posted on a double-decker that took students and visitors from one campus to the other at the University of Edinburgh. I will keep looking in my photo “vault” for more gems like these.

Signs of Scotland

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Finally got around to scanning these non-digital photos and adding them to my sign “posts.” When in Scotland in 2006, I was, as always, on the lookout for signs that caught my attention. Now I know that these may be commonplace in the UK, but they certainly made me laugh. What we call speed bumps, they call humps (Dornoch, Scotland). The Ho Ho Hostel was in Inverness. I have no idea how they chose that name but the implications are, well, you know. The electrocution sign was in Ayrshire on the west coast. I did appreciate that the Scots did not mince words. Danger meant death and they were not shy to say so. Even the cigarette packs had “SMOKING KILLS” printed in a font one could read from 100 meters away. And lastly, one of my favorites from a small cafe near Fort Williams along the lochs – “Everyone is free of smoke inside.” Could not be more clear!

Let the Countdown Begin

Posted in family, Scotland with tags on July 24, 2008 by roxteacher
Dan on Old Course at St Andrews

As my 18yo son anxiously counts down the days until he leaves for uni (UK = college), I am struck by this simple thought, “this is it.” These 50 some days before he leaves are it. Part of our household for nearly 19 years, he’ll be out of here in less than two month. He’s not going to school within a day’s drive of home so there will be no weekend visits, no bringing laundry home for his mother to do, no coming back to hang with high school friends. In 50 some days, he embarks on an adventure that will change his life. The University of St Andrews draws students from the UK (67%) and the EU (10%) and the rest of the world (23%). Just last week he was video conferencing with a young woman from India who will be a post grad at St Andrews. The world is truly becoming smaller in a positive way. Back to my original thought–when Dan leaves, except for an occasional visit home or our visit to Scotland, he is not coming back. I have a precious 50 some days to spend with my first born and I intend to enjoy it, but not to smother him. What things have been left unsaid? What words of wisdom should be imparted? I know that he won’t stand for any lectures so I figure I will write to him. Maybe a letter, maybe just entries on this blog.

St. Andrews says Yes

Posted in Physics, Scotland, Uncategorized on March 22, 2008 by roxteacher
It has been a month since the acceptance, but the lad is headed to the University of St. Andrews (Scotland). His offer for astrophysics was unconditional, so as long as he stays out of jail, he should be fine to start there in September. The entire family is thrilled for him dan-in-tub.jpgand selfishly for us as well. I suspect that we will have to travel there to see him as I would bet that he may never come home. We really don’t mind as St. Andrews is a lovely place to visit. He can’t wait to get there and have access to the Old Course and play a wee bit of golf. His handicap is a +3 (3 better than par) and he was 3rd in the Pennsylvania State Championship this past fall. Falling dollar and all, it should be an unparalleled experience.

Edinburgh says Yes

Posted in Scotland with tags , on February 10, 2008 by roxteacher

Our #1 son just received word that he has been accepted in the BSc Honours Physics program at the University of Edinburgh. He now waits to hear from his top choice, St. Andrews. If St. Andrews does not offer him a place, it looks like Edinburgh will be his choice. There is a major scholarship for American students at SA and the deadline for the application is February 28th. He is hopeful that he hears in a few days!

Aberdeen says Yes

Posted in Scotland with tags , on February 1, 2008 by roxteacher

Dan found out yesterday that he’s in at University of Aberdeen. We still wait on replies from Edinburgh and St. Andrews. Today the kids get to sleep in a little as there is a 2 hour delay due to freezing rain. I, of course, get the phone call at 5:25 am to tell me that we don’t have to be in school until 9:45. Instead of returning to sleep, I make breakfast, get the morning paper from the front sidewalk (yes the rain is freezing, I confirm), and then settle in to checking email, writing a couple of Twitter posts and this entry. I am beginning to realize why I enjoy this so much. I do like to write and this allows me the chance to write short thoughts and have them “published” without delay. Even if no one reads the blog, I was able to write down my musings. Nice outlet for a wandering mind.