About Rox for Brains

Geoscience teacher at suburban secondary school in PA (20 years). Teach astronomy in our own planetarium (we are lucky), meteorology, geology (my area of interest), and oceanography. Trying hard to bring myself up to speed on educational uses of technology!

winter-carnival-1979.jpgFather to son (20 yo) and daughter (17 yo) and husband to wife (27+ years of marriage). Went to Dartmouth (A.B. Earth Science/Rox) (and the alma mater has the line “and the granite of New Hampshire in their muscles and their brains“) and then University of New Mexico (M.S. Geology). Worked for Anaconda (gold) and Billiton (tin, massive sulfides) before seeing that the vagabond life of an exploration geologist was not for me. Fell in love with teaching as a grad student. That’s me in the back of the canoe with my freshmen roommates (Winter Carnival 1979). Fearful and fearless all at once.


4 Responses to “About Rox for Brains”

  1. Interesting blog experiment. Should be interesting to see who reads it (e.g., students? other science teachers?)

    The funny signs feature is great. Dig out some of your favorites and post those too. If I can find any, I’ll send you some signs I’ve taken pictures of over the years.


  2. Andrew Whiteley Says:

    Hey Mr.Rox for Brains! I have an earth science challenge for you. How would one know where to locate a wind power device in a state such as North Carolina ( except Kitty Hawk – too easy ) or Virginia ? Are there wind velocity and duration records somewhere? Something with isobars? If someone wanted to supplement power with wind energy, where is it feasable?

    Just thought you might know.

  3. An interesting blog, I must say. I’d love to read more about your experiences as a teacher.

  4. Love the blog,and the Tweets, and the comment on my own site! Speaking of…your alma mater is the only other school I applied to (aside from my own). It was down to the wire, I must admit…still sometimes regret the choice of not spending the time in Hanover. 🙂

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