Time for a Change

It is nice to be back. It’s time for a change. I want to try to keep Rox for Brains an active site for me. I have taken a huge break from writing on this blog but not a break from blogging. As part of a professional development target (goal) this year I maintained a class blog for both of the high school courses that I teach. Blogs for Astronomy and Integrated Science II provided students with a summary of what was covered in class. I embedded photos, linked to other helpful sites, added videos, provided links to class handouts and assignments, and posed questions. With 15 days left in the year I have written 340 (2 x 170) entries. The students soon understood that the blog was a great place to go for review (look over the posts from 5-10-11 to 5-18-11 for the seismology quiz for example). Allowing them to comment meant we needed to discuss what it means to submit germane and responsible posts. Will I continue to do it? You bet. A colleague of mine shared a site that will me to archive the blogs so that next year’s students can have entries that are not recycled and don’t seem canned.


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