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The Rapture – Marketing 101

Posted in Musings with tags on May 21, 2011 by roxteacher

Here is my take on “The Rapture” plain and simple. There is a marketing/PR firm that is behind the old guy with the predictions, all of the folks with signs, all of the newspaper ads, etc. Discussion of the “end” is everywhere today, Twitter, Facebook, TV, radio, the newspapers. The fact that the entire world is talking about it (even if 99.999999% are having a fun time with it) is brilliant marketing. Tomorrow or Monday I expect some announcement much like the following:

Did you hear about “The Rapture?”

Of course you did and so did the world.

XYZ Advertising – getting the word out.


Time for a Change

Posted in science on May 20, 2011 by roxteacher

It is nice to be back. It’s time for a change. I want to try to keep Rox for Brains an active site for me. I have taken a huge break from writing on this blog but not a break from blogging. As part of a professional development target (goal) this year I maintained a class blog for both of the high school courses that I teach. Blogs for Astronomy and Integrated Science II provided students with a summary of what was covered in class. I embedded photos, linked to other helpful sites, added videos, provided links to class handouts and assignments, and posed questions. With 15 days left in the year I have written 340 (2 x 170) entries. The students soon understood that the blog was a great place to go for review (look over the posts from 5-10-11 to 5-18-11 for the seismology quiz for example). Allowing them to comment meant we needed to discuss what it means to submit germane and responsible posts. Will I continue to do it? You bet. A colleague of mine shared a site that will me to archive the blogs so that next year’s students can have entries that are not recycled and don’t seem canned.