Signs of Scotland

Finally got around to scanning these non-digital photos and adding them to my sign “posts.” When in Scotland in 2006, I was, as always, on the lookout for signs that caught my attention. Now I know that these may be commonplace in the UK, but they certainly made me laugh. What we call speed bumps, they call humps (Dornoch, Scotland). The Ho Ho Hostel was in Inverness. I have no idea how they chose that name but the implications are, well, you know. The electrocution sign was in Ayrshire on the west coast. I did appreciate that the Scots did not mince words. Danger meant death and they were not shy to say so. Even the cigarette packs had “SMOKING KILLS” printed in a font one could read from 100 meters away. And lastly, one of my favorites from a small cafe near Fort Williams along the lochs – “Everyone is free of smoke inside.” Could not be more clear!


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