Let the Countdown Begin

Dan on Old Course at St Andrews

As my 18yo son anxiously counts down the days until he leaves for uni (UK = college), I am struck by this simple thought, “this is it.” These 50 some days before he leaves are it. Part of our household for nearly 19 years, he’ll be out of here in less than two month. He’s not going to school within a day’s drive of home so there will be no weekend visits, no bringing laundry home for his mother to do, no coming back to hang with high school friends. In 50 some days, he embarks on an adventure that will change his life. The University of St Andrews draws students from the UK (67%) and the EU (10%) and the rest of the world (23%). Just last week he was video conferencing with a young woman from India who will be a post grad at St Andrews. The world is truly becoming smaller in a positive way. Back to my original thought–when Dan leaves, except for an occasional visit home or our visit to Scotland, he is not coming back. I have a precious 50 some days to spend with my first born and I intend to enjoy it, but not to smother him. What things have been left unsaid? What words of wisdom should be imparted? I know that he won’t stand for any lectures so I figure I will write to him. Maybe a letter, maybe just entries on this blog.


One Response to “Let the Countdown Begin”

  1. Lisa Green Says:

    Nice photo!

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