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Here’s Your Sign

Posted in funny signs on March 27, 2008 by roxteacher

euro-bo-sign.jpgYet another “sign” of the times. A case where someone did not think this all the way through. This is (was) a store on M Street in Georgetown. I actually stopped my car (traffic was so bad in D.C. that no one noticed) and took the photo. My apologies to all Europeans who have been too long maligned for their perceived lack of personal hygiene. I wonder if the store is still in business as the photo was taken in 2003? noballs.jpgThe second sign was actually placed at the entrance to my school’s athletic field. It has since been modified. The gym teacher used to have boys tell him they could not enter the area.


St. Andrews says Yes

Posted in Physics, Scotland, Uncategorized on March 22, 2008 by roxteacher
It has been a month since the acceptance, but the lad is headed to the University of St. Andrews (Scotland). His offer for astrophysics was unconditional, so as long as he stays out of jail, he should be fine to start there in September. The entire family is thrilled for him dan-in-tub.jpgand selfishly for us as well. I suspect that we will have to travel there to see him as I would bet that he may never come home. We really don’t mind as St. Andrews is a lovely place to visit. He can’t wait to get there and have access to the Old Course and play a wee bit of golf. His handicap is a +3 (3 better than par) and he was 3rd in the Pennsylvania State Championship this past fall. Falling dollar and all, it should be an unparalleled experience.