San Francisco Treats

dscn2505.jpgSaw the one on the left in the parking area on the San Francisco side of the Golden Gate Bridge. I know that the intentions were good, but it doesdscn2539.jpg seem a bit counterproductive to TELL the thieves where to find your valuables. The second sign is in Marin County as you exit the ferry from San Francisco. Darn, and I was planning to bring my nuclear weapons with me. Thank goodness I saw this sign and was able to keep my warhead out of Marin County and in the trunk of my car in San Francisco!


One Response to “San Francisco Treats”

  1. Paul (Steve's brother) Says:

    For background behind the “Nuclear Weapon Free Zone” sign, see a recent article in the Marin (County) Independent Journal: If the artcle’s no longer available, it notes that there is a county law barring the county from doing business with nuclear weapons contractors. Now wasn’t that obvious?

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