Anxious Times

Figure that I need to find out what all the fuss is about and begin to connect with the world in a new way. Having been introduced to twitter and delicious and wikis as our school fights to grab the tail of technology before it runs away from us, it just makes sense to try my hand at blogging. What’s most on my mind right now? My 18 yo son has applied to four universities in Scotland (Scotland or bust — there are no applications for any US schools). The waiting is difficult as he applied via UCAS and there is no common reply date. University of Glasgow has said YES and the other three have made no decision yet. It has only been three weeks so the whole house really needs to be patient. I do compulsively check the UCAS site 5 times a day. I will be happy when this phase is over!


2 Responses to “Anxious Times”

  1. Hey!
    Very cool blog! It will be interesting to find out what other sci teachers out there have a weird sign and sand collections! Kindred spirits?

  2. I would argue about the tail image here. While we are behind in many ways, we are actually on th ecutting edge in others. At FETC, Kevin and I were delighted to find ourselves giving several mini-tutorials to others. The trick is get the ball rolling at YS — to help folks see the value and then find time and strategy for supporting them. Kudos to you for starting the blog. When you post, you should advertise in twitter. Remind me to show you how to use tinyurl.

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