Fabric of the Cosmos

On the flight home from Scotland (to see universities with son) Dan had me start Brian Greene’s “Fabric of the Cosmos.” It got me thinking that my whole science department should read it. It looks back at the thinking that went into space-time theory and then looks forward to the development of string theory. We needed to be more scholarly I thought. We need to have one shared experience. Six of the eight agreed to read the book and discuss it in “book club” format. Tomorrow we meet off campus (so we may have adult beverages) to discuss the first two chapters. I am intrigued by how much I keep coming across Scottish physicists like James Clerk Maxwell and Lord Kelvin. The connections are wonderful given Dan’s interest in physics and going to university in Scotland.


2 Responses to “Fabric of the Cosmos”

  1. Dev Idgunji Says:


    I have started reading Brian Green’s book, Fabric of the Cosmos, and will be attending the book club meeting. Thank you for recommending this book! Being a high school physics teacher it is very appropriate. I love that I can take examples from the book and use them in my classroom.

    Moving through Spacetime,

  2. A good start, laddie!

    You surely cannae be surprised tae hear that the Scots invented everything.

    You’re sendin’ yer wee laddie tae the richt place tae get a proper education.

    May yer lum aye reek.

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